The story of James

‘Discussions that help us to make the right decisions’

James Broekhuizen is a young and ambitious cucumber grower. A few years ago he took over running the Anchor Nurseries business from his father. Together with Rijk Zwaan, he prepares for future challenges.

Close contact

“Over the years we have learned that yield is not always the most important focus. When it comes to variety choice, we look for a steady production and a labour friendly crop. To help us make the right decisions in varieties and cultivation, we are in close contact with Vincent Dupre at Rijk Zwaan UK." 

"In addition to year round visits from my Account Manager and on-line digital growing tips, Rijk Zwaan UK also carries out its breeding trials at our nursery. This is a real advantage to us, meaning we can be at the forefront of new developments. Rijk Zwaan has also previously invited me  to the Netherlands, where I have had the opportunity to meet other inspirational growers and exchange ideas and techniques.”

Future challenges

“With Rijk Zwaan UK, we are able to have open and honest discussions about future developments and several times a year we receive visits from their cucumber breeder. This gives us the opportunity not only to discuss new material and varieties but also to discuss future trends and market changes. Social trends are more and more dictating a reduction in the use of pesticides, so we need varieties with the highest level of resistances. Also economic pressures mean we need to strive for increased efficiency and automation." 

"To strengthen the UK’s cucumber industry, we think it’s very important to exchange information, not only with Rijk Zwaan UK, but also with other growers.”